Firearms training in Los Angeles with the California Guard Card firearms permit. Tactical Training, room breaching and entry techniques, one-four team entry tactics. Best firearms training in Los Angeles.

Certified Firearms Officer (CFO) Program:  Firearms Permit Training

Firearms Permit Classroom Training – Day 1 8am-5pm: (Tuesdays)

During your eight hours of classroom firearms permit training, you will learn moral and legal aspects of firearms use, firearms nomenclature, weapons handling and shooting fundamentals, and emergency procedures.

Firearms Range Training –  Day 2: 8am-2pm (Thursdays)

The six hours of firearms range training will give you practice in safely handling and firing your weapon. .

Firearms Training in Los Angeles

Specialist in getting your Firearms Permit

& California Guard Card

Master the Moral & Legal Aspects while carrying a firearm on duty. Stay out of Jail! with our Firearms Permit in Los Angeles training.

Officer Survival.  Learn real world Street Tactics and win gun fights! with our Firearms Permit and Firearms Training Course.

Low Light Shooting Techniques. Learn how to fight in the dark and or limited darkness

Includes the CPO program (California Guard Card and Firearms Permit Training)

Free Pepper Spray Training, Officer Safety, Workplace Violence, Criminal Laws, Handling Difficult People


Commerce, L.A & East Los Angeles Areas

6400 E. Washington Blvd

Commerce, CA 90040

(323) 767-8484


Includes the California Guard Card (CPO) program, the Firearms Permit (CFO) program, Pepper Spray Certification, and other advanced elective courses.

275 at door or 225 online!


Day 1: Tuesdays 8am-5pm

Day 2: Thursdays 8am-2pm